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Beliefs and Opinions

Here's what I think...

My Philosophy

  I think that God is the most important part in a person's life, and i'm not going to say that He is the most important part in my life, b/c that would be a lie. I'm human, therefore I don't prioritize right, but I want God number one.  God will take care of everything in your life if you let Him.  Believe me....He knows what He's doing.  Even when the times are tough.....He's still God y'know.  Don't put Him second....then you'll fail.  I do everytime.

Standardized Tests

one word....UNFAIR!
And if you're smart, don't say it's not, b/c it is.  :)
(and i'm not saying i'm stupid okay...)

My Opinions on Current Events

  Ugh so I really don't watch the news or anything, but I do have an opinion on a few things about this world.  So on 9/11 it was "God, we want You." and when we "think" we've got it all figured out, we say, "no prayer in school."  It's like our world is trying to play the role of God.  tisk tisk :)

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The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.