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Friends Photo Album

Here are some pictures of my friends.


here is chris with the treadin water trailer....they played on wednesdays, and they rocked too :)  chris was the drummer....woo-hoo! :)


okay random pic.  i had to fill this spot and i've used all the ...well.....non-random pics.  by the way, that's the grand canyon, wanna see more? check out the link Family from April


Here is my friend DAVID!  :)  David has been my friend for years and years and he would have been in the graduation pic but he was out of town.  Lots of memories, and lots of you lots :)


My bestest friends I've had for years.....and I have to leave them all.....I am lucky to have something that's so hard to say goodbye to.  I love you guys.


Here is me and my aunt demi...yes i know, she is my aunt, but she is sooo cool and she is like a best friend to me :)  She's given me advice that's funny :)  I love you aunt demi, you've always been my fav :)

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Without my friends.....i would be without a smile.

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.