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Colorado :)

To my peeps who went to Colorado...I MISS YOU ALL! tee hee :)


Here is the group!  We were such a family:)  those were the good days...sniff sniff.


Here Clayton is interviewing Ben.  We all had to be interviewed so that we could show the Lily Foundation what all we did.  They paid for our trip.  THANK YOU SO MUCH LILY FOUNDATION! :)


Here we are making FRIED BREAD (yeah...i'm actually cooking too!)  that stuff was mm mm good!


Me and Jessica getting our pics taken....we were the popular "soul sistas" :)  Jessica is here in Greenville with me! yay!  good times shall continue!



Here is me and Jessica at Sonic :)  Clayton did some wild driving to get there (cough navajo cop cough) :-D  i laughed more on that trip than i have in my whole life.  man...i was happy there...


Okay...look carefully.  Ben called this the "room of mirros" set up by stephen.  this was so funny.....look hard, and if you can't see him....i guess ya had to be there :)


AHHH!!!! YOU KNOW IT MAN!  THE FAMILY IS AT THE GRAND CANYON!  thank you clayton for taking us!!!


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Thank You Lord for the oppurtunities You've given me....and the people I met along the way...and now I so dearly love.

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.