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Shoutouts to My Friends

Meghann: So what IS the story of cry-baby bridge? lol, who knows. Well I miss ya babe, and if I could leave one thing to you it would be to have the ability to call someone and say "hey is so and so there?" lol, aw good times! i love you!
Nutt: JMPJ, NU NU!!!!!! wow, i tell ya what i miss....and what i really enjoyed...those 2 in the morning conversations on God. how cool was that....oh....and why are you sitting at the computer???? Why aren't you running??? HE'S JUDAS!!!! lololol! (remember when you tripped and fell....omg, that was hilarious...) i love you! :)
STEPHEN THE POODLE WHO IS GREAT ENOUGHT TO BE CAPITALIZED SINCE I HAD NO TIME TO MAKE ANOTHER LINK JUST FOR YOU but i love ya! Man i miss you dude, so many memories, friends for years, there were tears that i cried, and you were there.....and then made me are a very wise person and God has special plans for you. He does for everyone, but you have chosen to follow Him, and that's what's different (not saying that meghann and nutt or anyone else on this page hasn't lol .....:) ) but i do have one thing to say....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOUR PANTS HAVE SAUCE STAINS!!!!!! :) I love you more than you love your pants :) chou chou
Ashten: I thought of you when I heard that there was an earthquake the other day in Canada and I needed to tell's STILL not overseas :) lol.....(oh and before you freak out there really wasn't a massive earthquake either, i'm just hey, hold on a sec, i have to get an arm full of popsicles and cheese to take to my room for the night :) tee hee :) "You're so purty tausha" "you're so purty ashten"....too bad we only ended up going to ONE tennis game which sucked anyways, but there were plenty of other good times to make up for it :) "Would Tausha....tausha who? oh okay, TAUSHA WALLACE, TAUSHA WALLACE PLEASE REPORT TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE"......i wanted to run in front of that target store and attack you. :) it was fun buying shirts for my puppy :) aww....good times, and when i come back, they will continue :) i love you!
Stacy MOSIER!!! OH MY GOSH I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY YOU HAVE MEANT SO MUCH TO ME AND YOU STILL DO !!!!!!!!! "dress up in a yellow suit, call yourself banana boy, cause that's what you're doin!" lol after that wedding in the parking lot WAS SO FUNNY :) i love you so much don't know....and this's missing you.
JACQUELINE!!!!'re there...i'm here....NO FAIR. if you would ONLY GET COOL and come to NGC :) hehehehehehehehehehe......oh by the bathroom flooded for one reason, and i will give you a hint.....THE RING!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I MISS YOU! :) I LOVE YOU SWEETIE!!!!'s the baby? hehehe

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