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Sappy love quotes....ugh. (some funny ones too.)

This weird page is dedicated to all those "perfect" couples out there...nah not really, this page is for anyone who can handle some icky stuff with cooties.  have fun.

Stacy, thanks for reminding me of the one thing I'm great at:  memorizing love quotes! lol....if you ever need advice, you know what you'll get :) 


"Have you ever been in love? Horrible, isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses. You build up this whole armor, for years, so nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They don't ask for it. They do something dumb one day like kiss you, or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so a simple phrase like 'maybe we should just be friends' or 'how very perceptive' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a body-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love."



"They say loving you is my biggest mistake but how can it be so wrong if it feels so right? If ever I made a mistake, its not that I love you, its thinking that someday you'll love me too..."


"Never frown because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile."



"I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. I hate it, I hate the way you're always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry. I hate it that you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call. But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all. "


"What do you do when the only one that can make you stop crying, is the person who made you cry? "



"I get the best feeling in the world when you say hi or even smile at me because I know, even if its just for a second, that I've crossed your mind. "




"Nobody is worth your tears, and the one who is won't make you cry. "



"The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them."



"Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear "



"Don't say you love me unless you really mean it, because I might do something crazy like believe it. "




"Someday someone might come into your life and love you the way you've always wanted. If your someday was yesterday, learn. If your someday is tomorrow, hope. If your someday is today, cherish. "



"Should I smile because we are friends? Or cry because we'll never be anything more? "



"If I could be any part of you, I’d be your tear. To be conceived in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips. "



"Once I dropped a tear in the ocean, the day I find it is the day I'll stop loving you "



"I'm trying really hard not to cry over you because every tear is just one more reminder that I don't know how to let you go. '"



"My friends are always telling me to move on, to give up. But why? Why should I? They don't see you the way that I see you. They don't look into your eyes and see the world. Why would they understand? They can't possibly imagine what it means to look at your best friend and see all their hopes and dreams come true. I wish for once, just once, they could walk a mile in my shoes. But they wouldn't need to walk that far, they would just take one step and suddenly, they would take back every bit of 'getting over you' advice they had ever given me and realize you're my life, you were meant for me, and that moving on or giving up is simply not an option."



"You know you're in love when you don't wanna go to sleep at night because your life is better than a dream. "



"GREAT LOVE: It's when you shed tears yet you still care; it's when you're ignored yet you still long; it's when he begins to love another yet you still smile and say "I'm happy for you."




"It's funny how big of an impact you have on me. It's like when I see you, you don't even have to speak...all you can do is smile, and it can make my day, and then that's how I remember my reasons for loving you."



"To let a fool kiss you is stupid, to let a kiss fool you is worse."



"Last night i sent an angel to watch over you while you were sleeping. It came back early and i asked the angel, “why?” The angel replied, "Angels don’t watch other angels." "



"I really think there's a reason that I like him so much. Like something is telling me not to let him go. Every time I follow my heart... it leads me to him. I mean... what other explanation is there. Why is it that he is all I can think about? Why is it that no matter how upset I am... I see him and I can't help but smile? Why is it that when he smiles at me... I get that feeling in my stomach? And even when he'd broken my heart, and hurt me as much as anyone could ever hurt me... when he lied to me... and I hated him... why then did I still feel those same feelings? Answer me that, and then I'll tell you why I let him hurt me so much. "



"I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry."



"If you truly love someone, then the only thing you want for them is to be happy....even if its not with you "



"I wish I had the guts to walk away from what we had. But I cant because I know you wont come after me, and that’s what hurts the most. "




"A guy and a girl can be friends. But sooner or later one will fall for the other. Maybe too early, maybe too late, but maybe, just maybe forever. "



"If a star fell each time I thought about you then the moon would truly realize how loneliness is really like. "




"I must go now. Don't hold me with your eyes and reach your heart across the room like that or my own will break. Love you? Of course I love you... That's why I have to go.. Before you know how much "



"I spent last night dreaming of your eyes
But your hair kept getting in the way
Your lips dropped in to tell me how you'd been
But when I tried to kiss them

My pillow told me I missed them

Your voice dropped by and sang a lullaby
And it was then I knew just what to do
I'd fall asleep and then
I'd dream of you again... "



"It's amazing how someone can break your heart, but you still love them with all the little pieces. "




"I was finally getting over you and actually believing I didn't need you. I was finally accepting you had another girl. Then you smiled at me and ruined it all."



"When somebody loved me, everything was beautiful,
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart.
And when she was sad, I was there to dry her tears,
And when she was happy so was I, when she loved me."


"If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it's run over by a car, you don't want it."

Grace:  "This would be us three weeks into marriage. 'Will, I'm having an affair'."

Grace:  "I ran into Leo. But you can't tell Will I found out. I mean, *I* know, but he doesn't know I know. And now that you know I know, you can't let Will know that you know I know, you know?"
Jack:  "C-3PO wasn't gay, he was British!  "

 Karen: "Oh Lord, honey, you are just as simple as that blouse you're wearin'. "

Grace:  "Hmmm. Well, you've come on a good night. Jack's mother is going to be joining us, and she doesn't know Jack's gay. "
Karen: "How could she not know? What is she, headless? "

Karen: "Good Lord. I can't believe I'm at a public pool. Why doesn't somebody just pee directly on me? "
Will: (smelling grace's breath)  "Did you eat salami today? "
Grace: "No. Did you wash your face with ugly soap? "

Grace: "Look, my choices were flawless, and if your client can't see that, then he is guilty of extremely bad taste, and isn't that the real crime here today?"
Will: "Gracie, there is no... "
Grace: "Objection! The familiar cutening of my name implies we like each other. " 

Jack: "Welcome to Cynical Island, population: you. "

Grace: " I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone! And all the people are pigs! And I'm the pretty one, but everyone thinks I'm ugly because they're all pigs and they think pigs are pretty!  "

Grace: "If you're looking for your Aunt Karen, she's not here. She doesn't work on days that end with... "day."  "

Grace: "What you're feeling are pangs of guilt. "
Karen: "What? "
Grace: "Guilt. Oh, boy. Ok. How am I gonna explain this one? Uh... guilt is an emotion that-- Ok. Jumping ahead. An emotion is something that... "
Karen: "Hey, hey, hey. Come on! I know what guilt is. It's one of those touchy-feely words that people throw around that don't really mean anything... You know, like "maternal" or "addiction."  

Karen: "Grace Alden! I'm ashamed..."
Grace: "Adler! My last name is Adler! "
Karen: "Oh... That's pretty. '"

Will: (On seeing Jack in an orange jump suit and carrying a garbage bag)  "And they say Tinky Winky was the only gay Teletubby! "

Karen: "Look at that."
Will: "Karen that's your thigh. "
Karen:" I know...."Pretty good isn't it. "

Karen: "Honey that is so sweet... no. " 

Will: “What was that design all about?! He's my number one client and it was pathetic!  I know Harlem”

Grace:  “Yeah and I know design.  If you called me at work, and I wasn’t there, my answer machine would say ‘Grace Adler designs’ if you looked in my purse my business cards would say, ‘Grace Adler designs’ seems like the only person who doesn’t know that Grace Adler designs is her best friend lemme introduce myself…I’m Grace Adler…I DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Will:  Did you SEE THE EXPRESSION on HIS FACE???!!!!!

Grace:  His face didn’t say anything but, ‘HELLO! I’M HARLEM’S FACE!”

Grace: " Hi Jack. Bye Jack".
Jack: "Dad, was that you? " 

(Will, Jack and Karen are playing scrabble)
Will: "Spramp is not a word Jack."
Jack: "Yes it is! "Every morning I spramp my face with water" 

Karen: "Well honey, look on the bright side. "
Grace: "What bright side? "
Karen: "Jeez Honey it's just an expression. "

(Will and Grace are dancing on the roof of a building just before her wedding)
Will: "Don't tell Leo that I had the first dance." 

Grace:  (to Karen) "Put the catalog down... you have everything in it" 

Grace: "I see the way you look at me when I shave my legs. "
Will: "Well, that's because it happens so infrequently, I have to take a minute to figure out what you're doing." 

Landon: "I might kiss you."
Jamie: "I might be bad at it. "
Landon: "That's not possible. " 

Vivian: "People put you down enough, you start to believe it."
Edward Lewis: "I think you are a very bright, very special woman. "
Vivian: "The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?" 

"I know that she is good and strong and deserves all the love this world has to give. Can't you see that, how wonderful, how special she is?"
 Walk in the Clouds


"You know the world is messed up when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn't want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named "Bush", "Dick", and "Colon". "Need I say more?"-Anonymous

More relationship quotes.....

"We're the perfect couple, we just aren't in the perfect situation. "
  "If I could change anything about you, it would be the way you feel about me."

 "I am jealous of the people you hugged today because for a moment they held my world."
 "You will always be the answer, when somebody asks me what I'm thinking about"
 "Sometimes I wish I was a little girl again--because bruised knees heal faster than broken hearts." 

"Have you ever wondered which hurts the most:saying something and wishing you hadn't or saying nothing and wishing you had? I guess the most important things are the hardest to say. Don't be afraid tho tell someone you love them. If you do they might break your heart... but if you don't,you might break theirs. "

"Have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had, but that person was to afraid to let you? Too many of us stay walled up because we are to afraid to care too much... for fear that the other person does not care as much, or at all."

"Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because your fear of rejection was too hard to handle? We tell lies when we are afraid...afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But everytime we tell a lie... the thing we fear grows stronger. "

"Life is all about risks and it requires you to jump. Don't be a person who has to look back and wonder what they would have, or could have had. No one waits forever...
What would you do...
'What would you do if everytime you wanted someone they would never be there?
'What would you do if you best friend died tomorrow and you never got the chance to tell them how you felt?
'What would you do if you loved someone more than ever and you couldn't have them?
'What would you do if everytime you fell in love you had to say good-bye?'  When you love someone say it. Say it loud. Say it right away, or the moment just passes you by and you may never get the chance again.  People live, but people die. "

 "It's so easy to think about love, to talk about love, to wish for love. But it's not always easy to recognize love, even when we already hold it in our hands."
 "The greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws and differences and yet still willingly embraces you with so much love. "
" You know you have experienced real love, when you have lost it. "
 "It's not that I can't live without you
It's that I don't even want to try "
 "Everyone wants to be the sun that lights up your life. But I'd rather be your moon, so I can shine on you during your darkest hour when your sun isn't around. "
 "trying to forget someone you loved is like trying to remember someone you never knew "
 "You never really live until you find someone worth dying for "
 "Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't let yourself be so angry that you stop loving, because one day you'll wake up from that anger, and the person you love will be gone"
 "Everyone makes mistakes, But why did yours have to be me? "
 "Don't find love, let love find you. That's why it's
called falling in love, because you don't force
yourself to fall, you just fall."
 "When we got together the heavens above whispered 'perfect'. "

" I have seen and felt all sides of it. I've been on the top of it and had the best feeling of my life. Been thrown down by it and been crushed on the bottom. Love is like the ocean. No matter what you do, the waves keep coming in. You can ride them, enjoy them, duck under them, go over them..their big or small..sometimes one right after another..sometimes you have to wait for a good one. If you dont keep your eyes open and your lungs full of air then any one of those waves will crush you..just like in love. Its not up to you whether you sink or swim. It depends on the wave. But all I can say is..never get out of the might drown but its better than never gettin wet at all."

 "Forgive the people who truly love you and love the people who truly forgive you."
 "I ran up the door, closed the stairs, said my pajamas, and put on my prayers. Turned off the bed, and hopped into the light, all because you kissed me good night "
 "I'm not supposed to love you
I'm not supposed to care
I'm not supposed to live my life
Wishing you were there
I'm not supposed to wonder
Where you are or what you do
I'm sorry, I can't help myself
cause I'm in love with you! "

"If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting? "
"What a lovely thing to do
Spend my lifetime loving you
Planning days that bring us pleasure
Building memories two can treasure
Reaching milestones one by one
Sharing problems sharing fun
Being close - the best friends ever
Making dreams come true together"

" One day you'll come to me and ask me what's more important you or my life. I'll say my life and you'll walk away never knowing that you're my life. "
" When your missing me look up at the sun or stars and remember were both under that same sky."
" I'm afraid to close my eyes cause I might think of you. I'm afraid to open them cause I might see you. I'm afraid to move my lips cause I might speak of you. I'm afraid to listen cause I might hear my heart fall for you."
 "If I were to die tomorrow there would be one thing I would like to do.
To spend my last and final breath, deep in love and kissing you. "
 "if a kiss was a raindrop i'd send you a shower, if a hug was a second id send you an hour, if a smile was water id send you the sea, if you needed love id send you me "
 "Oh...How I long to hear your voice,to gently kiss your lips,to feel the touch of your hand,to bathe in your scent,to loose myself in your eyes like I did the night we first met. "
" Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like hell."
 "How come the one i wanted to share my dreams with,took my dream from me. "
" Have you ever looked at someone, and you knew you were in love?
You thought he was an angel, sent from up above?
Friends were saying it was perfect, you two were meant to be
And who were you kidding, you just had to agree
But there was one problem, one thing stood in the way
Of you two being together, every single night and day
The boy that you loved, that you would love til the end
Didn't want to be with you, he just wanted to be friends
You were crushed, completely, but what could you do?
Guess you'll just have to wait, until he loves you too... "
" They say that nothing is will you be my nothing? "
 "Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away, and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart. "
" I've convinced everyone else that I don't like you and that I don't want you anymore. Now all I need to do is convince myself. "
 "Each time you leave from my life I wonder who is really gone; you or me."
 "Someday you'll cry for me like I cried for you. Someday you'll miss me like I missed you. Someday you'll need me like I needed you. Some day you'll love me, but I won't love you."
 "God gave us two ears to hear, two eyes to see and two hands to hold. But why did God give us only one heart? Because he wants us to find the other one"
 "The only real sacrifice is when you give up the one you love in return for their happiness. "
 "Love is a scary thing. You give your heart to someone and you don't know if they are going to break it. All those moments you share, thinking you will never be apart. Until it happens, it's over. I have learned how to become numb and pretend that I don't care. I don't trust people with my heart because I'm scared that they will break it. But that means that I've pushed away every guy that has ever loved me. Until now. I've finaly met someone who I know for sure that he loves me. Now I've been tricked into thinking it will never end, we'll always be together. But again, my dreams come crashing down on me. Now all I can do is spend what little time I have left with him....Isn't love a scary thing? "
 *Fine guys open my eyes, smart guys open my mind but only a sweet guy can open my heart* 
" Sometimes we don't realize what we have, until it's to late "
 "I think it's time that I let you go
And it's really hard for me to do
Because I know that there's a part of me
That will be in love with you for the rest of my life "
 "i love to talk to you and yet im always harsh, i love to look at you but you wipe away my smile, i like to think of you but it just makes me sad. dont take it personally, it takes a while to accept that i will never ever have you. "
 "There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real!"
 "today i caught myself smiling for no reason.. then i realized i was thinkin bout you "
 "To love, is to have a be in love, is to make it beat... "
 "Away from your love, I feel hopeless,
away from your arms, I feel homeless"
 "Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart."
 "The shortest word i know is 'I'
The sweetest word i know is 'LOVE'
and the person i never forget is 'YOU' "
 "Valentine's Day is a cruel, evil holiday which exists solely to pour lemon juice on the paper-cut hearts of the unattached. " 
"The eyes can tell what the heart tries so hard not to. " 
 "As soon as you think that you have finally got over someone you loved,those feelings of love and longingness for that person come flooding back, right when your not expecting it. "
 "You know your in love when you can't let that person go and no matter how hard you try your heart won't let you replace them and your mind won't let you forget them. "
 "If someone asked me what I loved most about my life,
I would smile and say you. "

 "How lucky am I to have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye to."

"Sometimes the perfect person for you is that whom you least expected to be."

"I didn't know forever meant without you."

"Why is it easy to fall in love and yet so hard to be loved back? why should I feel such if destiny permits me not? why do I have to fall if it's you I cant have? why is there a "you" in "me" but never a "me" in "you"?"
" It's amazing how quickly someone can go from loving you,to loving somebody else.
Then go from somebody you loved,to somebody you used to know. "

" i thought i had done it, i was so proud of myself, i was finnaly getting over you, then you had to just walk past me agiain and i relized what i was missing "
 " Do you ever look back and think how could I love him, then remember, how could I not. " 

"Love is hard; you fight to hold on, yet you fight to let go. " 

"Can miles truly separate you from friends.... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?" " 
"You’re so close I can touch you, yet so far away for me to grab a hold of. So many things I want to say so little time. I love you so much and it hurts you are only staying for just so long. I wish I could describe how I feel but words cant describe the way you make me feel. So I guess what I’m saying is I Love You " 

"It's amazing how one minute you can’t imagine living your life without someone...and the next second you find yourself doing exactly that." 

"Never let anyone pull at your heart strings unless they plan on permanently tying them to their own."  

To stacy mosier!!!! lololol:  “Where are you, my little gumbo of chicken? Your French fried shrimp is sizzling for you.”  

"If you can find a reason for loving me then you do not love me. " 
"First loves are never really over. "

"Love me for me, Not for what you think you see..And I'll love you for you, Not for what people believe is true" 

"Guys are like stars, there are millions out there, but theres only one you keep wishing for. " 

"Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love. " William Shakespeare

 *You can close your eyes to things you dont want to see, but u cant close your heart to things you dont want to feel.*  

"Love leaves a memory no one can steal, but it can also leaves a heartache that no one can heal. "
 "Just one night with you would be like spending an eternity in the arms of an angel." 

"I never believed in love at first sight, never believed till I saw you that night. You are the vision I've been longing to see, but what could an angel ever find in me? "














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